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The following pages display a sequence of images that illustrate assorted moments from the Seivane family’s journey and their relationship with the world of the gaita and Galician folklore, plus its evolution in the last fifty years.

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Álvaro and Xosé Manuel with the electronic chanters Jachía, collected from the hands of their creator, Xurxo Jachía, gaiteiro, musician and teacher. He is also the creator of a successful YouTube channel. 2021.
The Seivane brothers with Xurxo Antúnez, O Terrible, the big gaiteiro with the prodigious voice, teacher and promoter of the EVO (evolved) Cane Gaita, here with the three versions of it. 2020.
Susana Seivane delivered her latest album, “Dende o meu balcón” to her father Álvaro and her uncle Xosé Manuel, who are happy to have this compilation of the best traditional Galician repertoire. 2020.

Visit of the Superior Conservatory of Vigo, 2019.
Cristina Pato, picking up her tenor gaita in C4, with Álvaro and Xosé Manuel Seivane, 2019.
Tribute to Álvaro Seivane, with the Treixadura group, organized by Gadis, 2019.

The Seivane brothers with the gaita teacher, Diego Prieto, creator of one of the YouTube channels about the gaita, with more followers: “Tradigaita”, 2017.
The fourth generation of musicians, Fiz and Antón Seivane, testing the tenor gaita in C4, 2016.
Álvaro and Xosé Manuel, with Miguel Ramalleira, professor at the Galician Center of Madrid, 2016.

The satisfaction of a job well done, Álvaro and his grandson Fiz Seivane, en el torno, 2016.
The professors Daniel Bellón and Raúl Lacilla, and the medieval muses, with Álvaro and Xosé Manuel, 2016.
Álvaro, Antón Seivane's proud grandpa, on the wheel, 2016.

Álvaro and Xosé Manuel, with Xaime Estévez, professor and researcher of Galician music, 2016.
Antón Seivane, the smallest Seivane with the largest Seivane, 2016.
The Seivane brothers, with José Javier Fidalgo, from “Templarios del Oza” and Ciudá de Llión Band of Gaitas, 2015.

Os Seivane, 2015.
Miro Casabella, one of the most great Galician artist committed to the Galician music, 2015.
The craftsmans Seivane and Brais, 2014. Foto Víctor Jove.

Álvaro with Manoel Muxico from Barcelona, teacher of Irmandade a Nosa Galiza de Mollet and Agrupación Saudade, and Iván Costa from Moaña, member of Son de Seu, 2014.
Michael Portillo and his team of the documentary series Great Continental Railway Journeys from BBC, 2014.
The gaiteira Cristina Pato and Wu Tong, craftsman and great player of sheng, a traditional instrument chinese, 2013.

Carlos Núñez picks up with his chanter of adjustable tone, Seitor, from the hands of Álvaro and Xosé Manuel Seivane, 2013.
Álvaro, Xosé Manuel and Susana in the Fair of Traditional Instruments from Pardiñas, (Lugo), 2013.
With Xaquín Xesteira and his children “Os Xeitosiños”, Anxo and Roi, 2013.

Susana Seivane with her son Fiz in arms, with the gaiteiro Daniel Pazos from Argentina, 2013.
Susana Seivane (pregnant with her first son), with the accordionist Kepa Junkera, 2013.
With Xosé Ferreirós, founding member of Milladoiro, 2013.

With Nando Casal, founding member of Milladoiro, 2013.
Here with Ramón Maril, gaita and percussion teacher in Cantigas e Agarimos and Gaiteiros de Buxantes, between others, 2013.
Alvaro and Xosé Manuel Seivane with Mikiko Watanabe, 2012.

Yuki Kojima from Japan with Susana, Álvaro and Xosé Manuel Seivane, 2012.
The supergaiteiro Brais Seivane, 2012.
Xosé Manuel Seivane, Brais, Enrique Otero and Manuel Alonso from Noitarega and his wife, 2011. Photo Xurxo Lobato.

The patriarch Seivane with the journalist Albino Mallo, 2011.
Susana Seivane kisses her grandfather Xosé Manuel Seivane on his 90's birthday, 2011. Photo Xurxo Lobato.
Our patriarch sees the gaiteiro Piñeiro and Brais playing together, 2011.

Brais Seivane of 3 years old is playing for the children of the Graxal school from Cambre, 2011.
Seivane and Xan Bello Mallou, one of the great old gaiteiros, model of the traditional Galician music, all his life linked to Cantigas e Agarimos, by teaming up with the legendary craftsman Basilio Carril, among others, 2011.
Seivane with the gaiteiro Freixo from As Pontes, 2010.

Seivane brothers with Patrick Molard, 2010.
The little Brais is playing the bass drum, 2010.
Our patriarch Xosé Manuel Seivane and his son Álvaro, Enrique Otero and Antón Corral, 2010.

Brais interested in the clarinet of him great-grandfather Xosé Manuel Seivane, 2010.
Brais listens carefully his great-grandfather while trying to take some notes to the “charango”, 2010.
The four Seivane generations around music, 2010.

Each Seivane with an instrument, the Brais small gaita is made specially for him, 2010.
The Seivane in training, 2010.
Xosé Manuel Seivane and his son Xosé Manuel are turning, 2009.

The gaiteiro Xoan Carlos Rilo, 2009.
Álvaro and Xosé Manuel Seivane with the actress María Castro, 2009.
Pedro Lamas, a very good musician and composer from Cecebre, 2006.

Luís Correa ‘o Caruncho’ playing a new bagpipe in the Seivane's tuning room, 2006.
Antwn Owen Hicks and Gafin Morgan, Welsh bagpipers, in the stand of Seivane. Lorient, August of 2006.
Patrick Molard, one of the best Breton bagpipers, playing a F/C duet with Daniel Bellón, one of the best Galician bagpipers. Lorient, August of 2006.

The american musician Kevin Karr during a visit to the Obradoiro Seivane. July, 2006.
Jaime Portela and Clarita Seivane playing their own gaitas in Seivane's stand at the Elai-alai folklore fair. Portugalete, May of 2006.
“Os Seivane”. Everyone plays a Galician traditional instrument to brighten up the family parties, 2006.

The gaiteiro Xosé Cardelle plays his gaita in boxwood, tuned in F, 2005.
Álvaro with Jorj Botuha, the famed bombarde maker, at his workshop in Auray (Brittany), 2005.
Footballers Fran and Mauro Silva listen to Susana’s explanations at the stand occupied by the Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane, Cambre, at the Businessmen’s Fair, May 2005.

Xosé and Álvaro congratulate José Luís Calle, in the presence of Raul Galego, as he receives the Golden Gaita awarded during the ‘Constantino Bellón’ contest, 2005.
Antón Davila, Galician bagpiper, a member of the internationally renowned group, ‘Celtas Cortos’, 2005.
Maximino Souto, Irma Seivane (Xosé Manuel Seivane’s daughter), Manuel Alonso and José María Gutiérrez, at the ‘Xantar gaiteiro’ – a meal held amongst bagpipers. Ordes (A Coruña) - 2005.

Xosé Seivane at the Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane, in Cambre. 2002.
David López, "Jaiteiro" (bagpiper) from Barcelona, 2000.
Álvaro and Xosé with Maximino Souto, playing the chanter in low D, 1998.

A visit made by the ‘Anduriña’ group, part of the Galician Centre in Miranda de Ebro. August 1997.
Álvaro and Xosé with Carina Fragoso and Gloria López, teachers in the Sociedad Parroquial de Vedra, Buenos Aires, 1996.
A visit made by the students and teachers of the closed fingering style gaita course taught at the ‘Marmurios de Leucoiña’ Folklore Association in Pontevedra. May 1995.

Saínza Seivane, Álvaro Seivane’s second daughter, playing the gaita and Dubi playing the ‘tarrañolas’ (a traditional Galician instrument similar to castanets). A Coruña, 1993.
Xosé Manuel and Xosé Seivane at the Ribeira de Piquín workshop. In the foreground, two goat skin gaita bags. 1993.
Mike Oldfield playing a Seivane gaita, 1992.

Photograph dedicated by Jean Pierre Van Gees, great expert on the gaitas of the world and Mussette virtuoso, 1990.
A Text by Moxenas, a bagpiper/poet, for Xosé Seivane, 1990.
Xosé Seivane carving a gaita at the Ribeira de Piquín workshop. 1990.

Jorge Portela Seivane, Álvaro and a 12 years old Susana playing in a family meeting, 1988.
The ‘Muxicas’ group: They are (from left to right): Manolo ‘Rin-Rin’, Nazario Glez. ‘Moxenas’, Xosé Manuel Fernández, Liño Figueroa and Xosé Anxo Failde, 1984.
Álvaro Seivane, in the Barcelona workshop. 1984.

The ‘A Festa da Malla’ film was recorded in Cuíñas - Ribeira de Piquín. Xosé Seivane appeared in it, playing the gaita, during the ‘Festa da Malla’ festivities. 1980.
Xosé Seivane playing a gaita blackwood inlaid with ivory. Ribeira de Piquín, 1980.
Álvaro with his daughter, Susana Seivane, trying to play the hurdy gurdy. 1979.

Álvaro, Xosé Manuel and Xosé Seivane at the workshop in Ribeira de Piquín (Lugo). 1979.
Ricardo Portela and Xosé Seivane, tuning his gaita, in Ribeira de Piquín (Lugo) - 1979.
The first musical steps of Susana with her father Alvaro, November 1976.

‘Airiños da Ribeira’: Jaime, Xosé Seivane and Darío (San Blás, Barcia, Ribeira de Piquín) 1968.
‘Airiños da Ribeira’: Benjamín, Xosé Seivane, López and Darío (Paderne, Ribeira de Piquín). 1951.
‘Os amigos’: The first group that Seivane belonged to: Federico, Seivane and Atilano. 1948.

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