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Susana Seivane

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The following are a number of songs and melodies related in one way or another with the Seivane family, that show the commitment and unity of its members with the world of traditional music in Galicia.

Each song has:

A MIDI file to listen to the melody directly by clicking the «play» button.

Musical Score
(in PDF format)
To view this file you need Adobe® Reader®. You can download this freeware by clicking on this icon:

Encore file
(in ENC format)
Requieres GVOX® Encore®, a professional program for the editing of scores. A demo can be downloaded by clicking on this icon:

Author: Moxenas
Composed for Susana Seivane.
score (PDF)        encore

«Curuxeiras» (Gaiteiro de Curuxeiras)
Author: traditional
A ‘Muiñeira’, passed orally to Xosé Seivane from his mother, Estrella Rivas.
score (PDF)        encore

«Fandango Ribeirán»
Author: Henrique Otero
A piece composed in honour of Xosé Seivane.
score (PDF)        encore

«Foliada en Cecebre»
Author: Xoán Carlos Rilo Fraga
Piece dedicated to the Seivane family
score (PDF)        encore

«Marcha Procesional dos Mato»
Author: Dos Mato
Transcribed by Susana Seivane.
score (PDF)        encore

«Muiñeira do Chao»
Author: Xosé Seivane
Composed in honour of his adopted village: O Chao de Pousadoiro (Ribeira de Piquín-Lugo).
score (PDF)        encore

«O Punteiro de Seivane»
Author: José J. Presedo
‘Muiñeira’ dedicated to the Seivane family, commemorating the first use of a chanter tuned in C with closed fingering.
score (PDF)        encore

«O Son da Sega»
Author: Xosé Seivane
Traditional ‘Paso doble’, collected by Xosé Seivane in Paíme (Ribeira de Piquín - Lugo)
score (PDF)        encore

«Pernas parriba pernas pabaixo»
Author: traditional
‘Paso doble’ passed orally to Xosé Seivane from his mother, Estrella Rivas.
score (PDF)        encore

Author: Susana Seivane
Rumba dedicated to her friend Sabela Orgueira.
score (PDF)        encore

Author: Susana Seivane
‘Jota’ dedicated to her sister Sainza Seivane.
score (PDF)        encore

«Virando o torno»
Author: Emilio Mesías
‘Jota’ dedicated to the Seivane family.
score (PDF)        encore

«Xota para Seivane»
Author: Moxenas
‘Jota’ composed for Xosé Seivane.
score (PDF)        encore

«Mazurca de Seivane»
Author: tradicional
‘Mazurca’ passed on by Xosé Seivane.
score (PDF)        encore
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