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Ribeira de Piquín celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of Seivane

September 20, 2021

The celebration started with a wreath in front of her bust and a parade to the Chao de Pousadorio Recreation Area. There the local bagpiper Laura Cabo, from Barangón, performed the Muiñeira de Lugo. Due to the rain, the event had to be moved inside the Day Center, just 50m from where Seivane had his workshop. There was a talk about him and his recent biography “Xosé Seivane. A gaita con maiúscula”, a book by the professor at the University from A Coruña, Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei, published by Editorial Canela. \"Galicia owes him a lot\" said Pablo Quintana, head of the editorial. Jaime Otero, a native of Soutelo, and based in Barakaldo, traveled expressly to pay homage to his friend from the group \"Os Airiños da Ribeira\", and once again played the gaita that Seivane built for him more than 60 years ago. Together with his wife Eva, performed a song dedicated to their land. Jaime, the last member of this mythical group, along with Susana Seivane, Daniel Bellón, Pedro Lamas and Carlos Freire, performed some of the melodies composed or transmitted by Xosé Seivane. Next, Susana presented “Dende o meu balcón”, with Saínza Seivane, Fiz e Maren Seivane. In the words of the master of ceremonies Xurxo Souto, Seivane was a man who “changed to improve the history of Galicia through music”, a “master of teachers”, who turned Ribeira de Piquín into “the capital of Galician music”. Roberto Fernández, the mayor of this council, stressed that Seivane was \"self-taught, entreprising and brave, a world leader who was the one to channel the feelings of this land through handicrafts\".

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