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A Pastoriza pays tribute to Xosé Seivane in his centenary

October 03, 2021

It was on October 3, the last of the three acts of celebration, after Cambre and Ribeira de Piquín. The most emotional moment was when his sons and successors, Álvaro and Xosé Manuel Seivane, delivered this very special gaita to the mayor of A Pastoriza, Primitivo Iglesias, for the expressed wish of the patriarch when the “Casa da Música Xosé Manuel Seivane” was dedicated to him in 2010.

This gaita was made from a centenary boxwood tree that Xosé´s father, Francisco, planted in his native house in Fonmiñá. After logging he had to dry for more than ten years and rest for another five, alternating various performances on wood, until finally he was able to compose this instrument. It was precisely his granddaughter, Susana Seivane, who made it sound for the first time in front of this building. Primitivo Iglesias deeply thanked the present and recalled the pride that Xosé Seivane always had of his roots.

Then in the Assembly Hall of the town, there was a talk about him and his recent biography “Xosé Seivane. A Gaita con maiúscula”, a book written by the professor at the University of A Coruña, Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei, published by Editorial Canela. Xurxo Souto, the speaker of the three centenary acts definy it as “an absolutely referential monograph”.

There was also a musical recital in tribute to the group founded by Seivane “Os Airiños da Ribeira”, with Susana Seivane, Daniel Bellón, Pedro Lamas and Carlos Freire, who performed some of the melodies composed or transmitted by Xosé Seivane. Next, Susana presented her latest album “Dende o meu balcón”, with Saínza, Brais, Fiz and Maren Seivane.

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