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The Gaiteiro de Soutelo´s fiesta

August 19, 2007

Invited by the municipal corporation of Forcarei and its mayor Mr. David Raposeiras, Xosé Seivane Rivas, founder of Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane, read the speech for the opening of the XXVIII edition of the Festa do Gaiteiro de Soutelo-07. Seivane, accompanied by his sons Álvaro and Xosé, pronounced some moving words about his memory on bagpipes and his youth, concluding with a perfectly sung galician ballad. The replica arrived from Mr. Raposeiras and the Vice-president of the Galician Government, Mr. Anxo Quintana Lores, that also attended to the act.

In the afternoon, Seivane gave the awards to the winners of the bagpipes contest celebrated at the Gaiteiros de Soutelo square. Seivane also and conversed cheerily with all of them.

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