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Lorient´s Interceltic Festival ´08

August 13, 2008

From August 1 to August 10 was held in Lorient (France)the 38th edition of its Interceltic Festival, this year devoted to Wales. Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane was present as in recent years, this time as a guest exhibitor at the Galician Pavilion. Space was shared with Turgalicia and Escola de Hostelería to show the thousands of visitors Galician landscapes, gastronomy and musical industry. The exhibition and the Galician pavilion both enjoyed a phenomenal acceptance and received many congratulations. Being celebrated the Welsh year, Obradoiro Gaitas Seivane took this opportunity to launch a Welsh bagpipe designed by Antwn Owen, and built in this Galician workshop.

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