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A good and generous man

March 19, 2012

On the verge of turning 91, our patriarch passed away this January in Cambre. This is how the press defined him: “The preeminent Galician bagpiper and master of the traditional sound” (El Progreso), “The instigator of one of the best dynasties of gaita craftsmen” (El Ideal Gallego), etc. We received a myriad of messages offering affection, support and recognition. Due to the limited space, we have chosen only some of the words directed at his character and our family, but we are deeply grateful for each and every one received:

“The gaita and Galicia are crying for one of their good and generous people”. Daniel Rodríguez.

“A son of this land of ours, creator of so many gaitas scattered around the world that without doubt will have a distressed grave sound on learning the news, but also a fine and gentle sound on remembering this complete and universal Galician”. Ateneo Ferrolán.

“Without any doubt the world of musical craftsmanship in general loses a pioneer, a revolutionary who, from the shavings taken from boxwood using his lathe, redefined the job of a craftsman”. Xaime Rivas.

“Seivane is an advance on the Galicia we all dream of”. Xesús Ferro Ruibal.

“A man who dedicated his life to investigate, invent, create, teach and above all else convey, to his family, then to the rest of us, the value of our culture and our music”. Pedro Alberto Padín.

“One of those people who gave their grain of sand to form the nation, always with the aim of helping the common good”. Pablo Quintana.

“He worked for the growth in culture and identify of our people”. Alfonso Blanco.

“Seivane was and will continue to be a benchmark for those of us who know the roots of traditional music and how a Galician gaita should really be: modest, humble, true, peaceful, affectionate, hard working, generous, discrete…like him. The bagpipers of this nation will never do enough to thank the Seivane family for their contribution to the culture of the gaita”. Xaime Estévez.

"I always had the impression that he was a wise, cherished and humane man, over and above eras, styles and ideologies”. Carlos Núñez.

“He was a man who became a legend in life and was certainly deserving of the fame he enjoyed”. Antón Santamarina.

“From whom I learnt unforgettable lessons about respecting a job well done and positive respect for our culture”. Xoan Antón Pérez-Lema.

“I only spoke with him once and it was enough for me to realise his wisdom, good humour and love of music and Galicia”. Ramon Villares.

“My great friend, my life will always be tied to you and the gaita you built for me will remain our bond forever.” Enrique Otero.

“Thanks, master, for changing the history of Galicia through music”. Xurxo Souto.

“History will recall him as one of the people who did the most for the gaita to become the wonderful instrument that it is today”. José Antonio Gegúndez.

“His gaita ‘grileira’ will always resonate”. Mero e A Quenlla.

“His presence will always remain with lovers of traditional Galician music and of our culture as a precursor to the development of the Galician gaita”. Anxo M. Lorenzo.

“His work will always remain attached to the culture of Galicia”. Olegario Sotelo.

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