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Seivane at the Liorta Folk in A Pastoriza

May 25, 2012

The First Liorta Folk was celebrated on the Letras Galegas´day, organized by the city council of A Pastoriza. The participants of this original competition with direct confrontations were nine gaita, violin, zanfona and accordion soloists. The winner was the zanfona player Germán Díaz. The second place went to Jesus Arranz. The winner gave the 1.000 euros of the first prize to the music school of A Pastoriza in a generous gesture for the acquisition of material. The city council will manage that both finalists have the opportunity to play in the next edition of the Festival of Ortigueira.

The five members of the jury were Ramón Piñeiro, Xosé Ramon Vazquez, Xoán Barcón, Ruben Vazquez and Álvaro Seivane. This initiative aims to create an annual event where people who understand the traditional music as a lifestyle can establish links and share experiences.

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