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Homage to the Seivane family at the IV Meeting of Traditional Music of Forcarei

April 23, 2017

On Saturday 22 April at the auditorium of Soutelo de Montes, the Band of Gaitas of Forcarei celebrated the festival of traditional Galician music through an event presented by Aurora Cañizares.

In addition to the band of Forcarei, others groups participated as the "Grupo Etnográfico da Aerosa" from Portugal, "A Banda da Loba" from Santiago, and the group "Lus de Keikoa" from Forcarei. The association devoted this edition to the Seivane family for our commitment with Galicia. It was a very special and emotional homage that we deeply appreciate and we are very grateful.

The City Council of Forcarei and the Provincial Government of Pontevedra collaborated in the event. The president of the “Diputación de Pontevedra”, Carmela Silva, recognized the contribution of Seivane to Galician popular music.

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