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July 22, 2020

XOSÉ SEIVANE. A GAITA CON MAIÚSCULA was written by the philologist and University of A Coruña professor, Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei. The event was at Cambre amphitheater, organized by the Council of Cambre and the Editorial Canela. The Seivane family accompanied the writer, with the mayor of Cambre, Óscar García Patiño, and the award-winning bagpiper and bagpipe teacher Dani Bellón.

The author of this book spoke about Seivane as human being and his artisanal and musical quality, by highlighting the excellence of his instruments and its versatility, "nowadays we listen Galician bagpipes in a traditional celebration but also we can listen it with a symphony orchestra". He also highlighted Seivane's "great ability to fix all kinds of things and his constant desire to improve the Galician instrument". His conversational skills and great humor made him a person who connected very well with people. Hence, all interviewees speak of him with great affection and admiration.

The writer thanked Pablo Quintana, publisher of the book, "the care in editing" and the "freedom" to write. And to Dani Bellón and Pedro Lamas for their "rigorous" work in transcribing the scores.

Álvaro and Xosé Manuel Seivane thanked the writer and editor for their great work. And the Seivane family, led by bagpiper Susana Seivane, played a piece to end this symbolic act of tribute to the figure of the founder of the saga.

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