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Xosé Seivane Centenary

January 27, 2021

Xosé Manuel Seivane was born on February 9, 1921 to become one of the most recognized bagpipe craftsmen of all time, and the initiator of a prestigious saga of artisans and musicians. His sons Álvaro and Xosé Manuel Seivane, who masterfully took over, proud legatees of their father´s wisdom and direct promoters of the instrument´s evolution. Also his granddaughter Saínza Seivane, who is currently the only woman in Galicia who is dedicated to the construction of gaitas. And on stage, his most famous granddaughter, Susana Seivane, one of the most famous bagpipe interpreters at an international level. \\r\\n\\r\\nA whole life dedicated to the construction of the musical symbol of Galicia. A vital journey, a career and a work that Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei, bagpiper and professor in the Area of Galician and Portuguese Philology at the University of A Coruña, delves recently in the book XOSÉ SEIVANE. A GAITA CON MAIÚSCULA (2019, Edit. Canela) \\r\\nXosé V. Ferreirós, musician and co-founder of Milladoiro Group, in the prologue of this book perfectly expresses what such a figure means for Galicia, because “that common project, which is Galicia, will only be possible if we all make an effort to safeguard our customs, beliefs, dances, music, songs… Seivane believed so, making his passion a way of life ”. Or in the words of the researcher, writer and professor, Xesús Ferro Ruibal, \\\"Seivane is a foretaste of the Galicia we dream of”. \\r\\n\\r\\nIn these tough times that we are living, we need more than ever these pioneers and dreamers who unintentionally left a better world than the one they met.

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