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Gaita with bag «Perfecto Feijóo» type [34]

Gaita with bag «Perfecto Feijóo» type
Gaita with bag «Perfecto Feijóo» type - 1
Gaita with bag «Perfecto Feijóo» type - 2


Sound components
This gaita has three sound components with the high drone positioned in the traditional way:
The bass drone emits the base note of the chanter (C), but two octaves lower.
The high drone emits the dominant note in the chanter (G), but an octave lower, when it is a single reed high drone. When it is a chanter reed high drone, it emits the dominant note of the chanter (G) in the same octave as the chanter.

Ring caps
Black methacrylate ring caps.

Embroidered, of high quality, brown and cream colour, with the «Perfecto Feijóo» type form.

Cords and pompons
Cream linen of superior quality.

Made from Gore-Tex®.

The mouthpiece is transferable, with its size being adaptable to the build of each person.

Retail price: 1.790 (hard case included)

Gaita is served following our usual delivery times and shipping costs.

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