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The Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane, offers a number of accessories for the transport, protection, maintenance or improvement of your gaita, with detailed information as follows.

You can purchase any of our products through the internet by accessing our online store.

Rigid carry case for the Gaita

New high quality hard case, exclusive model designed for optimizing its capacity and services. It is adapted to the measures of hand luggage allowed in the airlines.

It offers a comfortable carriage, as well as excellent physical and thermal protection. With hygrometer incorporation. It has various external pockets, an area for personal effects and internal cavities for gaita accessories. Thanks to the versatility of its handles, it can be carried over the shoulder or even as a rucksack.

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Padded case

Padded case for gaita. It has an external pocket, with handles to carry as a shoulder bag and backpack. Elegant design, ideal for carrying one bagpipe, key changing kits and its accessories, thanks to its capacity and lightness at the same time.

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Foliada case

New padded case designed to be carried over the shoulder. Its light weight allows to carry it comfortably for a long time. Ideal for marches, walks or foliadas (popular festivals). With an outer pocket for personal effects.

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Carry case for chanters

This accessory is a practical cushioned black carry case. It is made to size to store and protect your chanter. It has a handle and a zip opening.

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Detachable mouthpiece for the chanter

Made up of the protective chanter cap made of boxwood and the detachable mouthpiece, that protects the reed and alows the chanter to be played directly.

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ABS flute similar to wood

Flute that has been adapted to the gaita fingering by Seivane, in D Major, very practical, moisture resistant and with low maintenance, perfect for learning.

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Maple flute

Maple flute, similar to Galician pito, semi-elaborated by Seivane, with gaita fingering, in D Major, especially designed for practice.

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Gore-Tex® bag

Micro porous cloth bag that transpires (the condensed humidity inside it tends to leave through the pores due to the phenomenon of osmosis). It requires no maintenance.

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Cleaning kit

Made up of three cleaning brushes for the internal parts of the gaita, a pot of Seite solely for the internal cleansing of the chanter, and a yellow cloth for the external cleansing of the instrument. For using the Seite, see the User's Guide.

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Key changing kits

This kit offers the possibility to change your gaita’s key without having to buy a second one. The complete kit is made of a chanter and some pieces for the bass and tenor drone. You can also acquire only the chanter, in this case please contact us.

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Boxwood drumsticks

Drumsticks made from boxwood, engraved with a pleasant, anti-slip design grip.

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Granadilla drumstiks

Drumsticks made from granadilla, engraved with a pleasant, anti-slip design grip.

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This book by the author Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei, from Editorial Canela, relates the most important aspects of Seivane's life, as an artisan by taking into account his family, vital and cultural context.

It includes interviews with great public figures, more than forty pieces transcribed by Daniel Bellón and Pedro Lamas, a family photo álbum, some exlusive images by the photographer Vicente Ansola and the prologue by Xosé V. Ferreirós.

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Guieiros Magazine

Guieiros Magazine, from the Asociación Xermolos, dedicated in its entirety to Xosé Manuel Seivane Rivas. With more than 200 pages, unpublished photographs, and contributions from many gaiteiros and other people from the world of culture.

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O PentaFol

O PentaFol, by Alberte Sanmartín, Inquedanza Editoriais, a compilation of more than 400 popular tunes for the Galician gaita. All the scores are written in C or in D, and an MP3 disc of all the tunes is included.

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Arm operated bellows

Mechanism operated with the arm, to blow air to the bag, that allows to directly connect with the stok of the tenor drone, by coupling with a valve, Seipón. One of the advantages is to help to decrease the pulmonary effort and the ability to sing and play at the same time.

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Foot operated bellows

As the arm operated bellows, this mechanism helps to reduce the breathing effort of the gaiteiro, here due to the foot operated bellows, which blows air through a tube connected with the stock of the tenor drone.

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Chanter Reeds

Chanter Reeds made by the Obradoiro are ocassionally available for purchase.

Available in C and B Flat, for other tones, please contact us.

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You can purchase any of our products through the internet by accessing our online store.
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