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A careful selection of wood and other materials which make them up, as well as the skill and experience of the craftsmen that make them, allow the instruments of the Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane to offer the assurance to its user that one has a product of the highest quality in his/her hands.

•   The Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane guarantees, for a period of two years, all of its instruments against any manufacturing defect or hidden blemish in its components.

This guarantee applies from the purchase date, where the instrument has been used normally and does not cover breaks or damage caused by misuse, carelessness or through lack of maintenance of the instrument.

Any instrument that has been retouched, interfered with or mechanised on its interior or exterior, by non authorised individuals outside the installations of the Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane, is expressly excluded from this guarantee.

This guarantee does not cover the components considered as consumables, such as chanter reeds, lubricants or cleaning products applied, with the exception of the Seipal drone reeds which enjoy from the guarantee’s benefits.

The Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane will respond, if required, to this guarantee in its own installations, repairing the affected instrument free of charge or replacing it for an equivalent should this be necessary.

The Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane reserves the right to provide or not provide technical or maintenance services, even outside of the guarantee, for those instruments that have been manipulated with malice or ulterior motives.
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