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The Workshop

This is the most visible part of the Obradoiro, in which all processes are carried out once the wood enters the Wood Storage Area, to which there is a direct link. It is like the kitchen in a traditional house: Everything revolves around it.

The workshop is where all pieces are cylindered, drilled, refined, shaped, ringed, polished and varnished. At the same time, it is also where the characteristic tools used to make gaitas are developed, modified and maintained. Amongst these, the reamers are the most delicate and precise. Their maintenance is continuously, costly and, it can be said that they provide the soul of the chanter as these are used to bore it and apply the internal finishing.

In the metal ring caps section alpaca, silver and brass ring caps are cut, soldered and fixed to the different gaita parts. The carving of wood, tying of stocks to the bag and the addition of corks are also activities that take place within the workshop, as well as the testing of all manner of new materials and prototypes in the constant search for improvement in our instruments.

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