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Throughout their extensive journey, the Seivane, family and, Xosé Manuel Seivane, in particular, have received a wide array of prizes, tributes and honours.

The most distinctive are detailed as follows:

Prizes and medals awarded to the Seivane family

Galician Craft Awards ceremony, Xunta de Galicia, 2021

2021 Galician Crafts Award for his career to Álvaro Seivane
The president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo gave this honorary award to Álvaro Seivane for his outstanding professional and research career in the Galician bagpipe.

2019 XII «Andaina Senlleira» Opinión Award
Granted to Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane for its trajectory.

FACER PAíS, Láncara, 2018

Prize La Zampogna, Italy, 2017

2018 XVII Prize Ramón Piñeiro «FACER PAÍS»
Award granted to the Seivane family in Láncara, Lugo.

2017 Special Artist Prize «La Zampogna» 2017 to the Seivane family
XXIV Edition of the Festival La Zampogna, Maranola, Formia, Italy.

Ceremony of «Castelao» Medals 2014

2014 «Castelao» Medal, Xunta de Galicia
The Galician Autonomous Government awards a Castelao Medal to Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane, that is considered as an emblem of Galicianness, because of its meritorious contribution to Galicia.

Pictures of the National Craft Prize 2013 Award


SERenidade Award, 2013

Constantino Bellón Gold Bagpipe, 2011

2013 SERenidade Award
Awarded by the Radio Cadena SER and the president of the government in Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane due to its constantly investigation and innovation of the gaita, the Galician musical instrument by excellence.

2011 Constantino Bellón Gold Bagpipe by the Ferrol Athenaeum
Awarded to Xosé Manuel Seivane Magide as a craftsman and its concern for the family continuity in Galician traditional music.

The “Recuncho da Palleta” award, 2008

“Lucense do Ano” award, 2008

2008 Recuncho da Palleta
The Program ‘Lume na Palleira’ of the Radio Galega company.

Lucense of The Year
The Lugo's Radio and Televisión Association

Constantino Bellón Gold Bagpipe, 2006

Innova National Award, 2006

2006 Great Trophy ‘Percebe de Plata’ by the Enxebre Xuntanza do Percebe
To the Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane in merit to their craftwork and promotion of the Galician bagpipe in the world.

Constantino Bellón Gold Bagpipe by the Ferrol Athenaeum
Awarded to Álvaro Seivane for his work and family continuity in the world of the gaita.

Innova National Award
A National Craftswork Innovation Prize to the new web page of the Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane.

IV Edition of the ‘Antón Fraguas’ prize for craftsmanship

Golden Gaita, awarded by the ‘Os Alegres’ Association

2004 ‘Gaiteiro de Soutelo’ medal
To Xosé Manuel Seivane

2002 IV Edition of the ‘Antón Fraguas’ prize, by the A Coruña county council
First Prize in the traditional category, awarded for a gaita tuned in C, made from boxwood, carved, finished and ornamented in silver.

1998 ‘Luar’ Prize by TVG (The state television channel in Galicia)
To the Seivane family

1997 ‘Constantino Bellón’ Golden Gaita by the ‘Ateneo Ferrolán’
To Xosé Manuel Seivane for his significant endeavour

1992  Golden Gaita by the ‘Os Alegres’ Association in Pontevedra
To Xosé Manuel Seivane

Tributes received

2021 Tribute to Xosé Seivane on the centenary of his birth (1921-2021)
Developed in three municipalities: in Cambre, Ribeira de Piquín and A Pastoriza.

2017 Homage to the Seivane family
In the IV Meeting of Traditional Music of Forcarei
Cultural Association "Banda de Gaitas do Concello de Forcarei"

Tribute at Arzúa

Tribute at A Pastoriza Town Council

2014 Tribute to Seivane's family
At the Festa da Gaita e Cantos de Taberna, in Arzúa
Festa da Gaita Galega Assotiation

2010 Tribute to Xosé Manuel Seivane Rivas
In the XVII Edition of ‘Encontros da Terra Chá’
Xermolos Cultural Assotiation
Manuel María Foundation
A Pastoriza Town Council

Tribute to Xosé Manuel Seivane Rivas
Inauguration of the Music House from A Pastoriza.
A Pastoriza Town Council

Tribute at Chao de Pousadoiro

Acknowledgement of the Galician in Catalonia

2008 Tribute to Xosé Manuel Seivane Rivas
Inauguration of a bronce bust at Chao de Pousadoiro.
The Association ‘Recunchos’ from Ribeira de Piquín

Tribute to Xosé Manuel Seivane Rivas
The Federation of Galician Cultural Entities in Catalonia.

2005 Tribute to Xosé Seivane
As a distinguished person in the ‘portelian’ environment, awarded at the II Closed Fingering style Ricardo Portela gaita playing contest in Viascón.

‘Homenaxe ó Gaiteiro’ (Tribute to the Bagpiper) - ‘Airiños de Fene’

‘Homenaxe ó Gaiteiro’ (Tribute to the Bagpiper) - The ‘A Buxaina’ Association

2001 ‘Homenaxe ó Gaiteiro’ (Tribute to the Bagpiper) for Xosé Manuel Seivane
‘Airiños da Torre’ Cultural Association

1998  Tribute to the Seivane Family
‘Airiños de Fene’

Tribute to Xosé Seivane
At the XVIII ‘Xuntanza Mariña’
The ‘A Ría’ Neighbourhood Association, in Perillo

1993 ‘Homenaxe ó Gaiteiro’ (Tribute to the Bagpiper)
The ‘A Buxaina’ Association, from Coruxo

1988  from the ‘dos Muiños’ Association
For helping to defend the artistic heritage of Galicia

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